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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Well Checkups for Your Child

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As a parent, your first instinct is always to protect your child. So there’s no question why you’d want to shield them from the coronavirus any way you can. But what happens when you hold off on your child’s well checkups and vaccines? As it turns out, delaying such care can actually cause more harm than good, ultimately putting their overall health in a more vulnerable state which is exactly what we don’t want especially during a pandemic.

Here’s why keeping your child’s well checkups and vaccines up to date is necessary.

Prevention of other diseases

Research shows that there are far worse diseases than COVID-19 that children need to be protected from, which is why it’s imperative to continue getting their normal shots in a timely manner. In recent years, case counts for measles have significantly increased, which many of those occurred in those who were not vaccinated. Meningitis is another serious disease that increases risks for children but fortunately, both can be prevented. Getting these immunizations for your child is crucial to not only protect your family but also to help prevent spreading diseases to friends and other loved ones, especially those with children as well.

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Protecting the community

Skipping these immunizations can be harmful to more than just your child’s health, which is why is important to create herd immunity to limit the spread of diseases in your community.

If a large enough amount of people are vaccinated against a disease, that community’s population is then considered to have better coverage from contracting the disease since there are far fewer individuals who could catch it in order to pass it on to others.

Putting your child’s vaccinations on hold can also put others at risk including:

  • The elderly as they may get severe complications from diseases
  • Those with weakened immune systems and underlying health conditions
  • Newborn babies, who aren’t old enough for many vaccines

Ultimately, to slow vaccine-preventable diseases from spreading, our communities need high immunization rates to keep thriving. The more children that receive regular vaccinations, the safer everyone can remain. Help your child stay on track and schedule their next well checkup by clicking here or texting us at (469) 382-3796.


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