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About Physicals

Our experienced, board-certified practitioners at Village Pediatrics in Plano, TX know exactly what to look for to ensure and promote the good health of children. Every year, our kids have many physical changes, and having an annual physical helps measure their growth and keep them on track as a preventative measure. We provide comprehensive physicals to chart physical growth, detect any diseases or abnormalities, provide any needed counseling or guidance, and to answer questions and address concerns. Having a physical exam once a year should be a priority on every parent’s list. An annual physical is important for a child to make sure he or she is physically, developmentally, and mentally on target. If your child needs a physical to participate in an activity, please call our office today and schedule your child’s appointment.

Types of Physicals

Basic Physical

The comprehensive check-up of the overall health of a child includes disease detection, developmental documentation of height and weight, and an overall check of good health.  Our physicians will check height, weight, blood pressure, and often vision and hearing. Blood and urine samples are taken to test for a variety of conditions, such as diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, cancer, and more. At this time, the stomach will be palpated to check for any signs of abnormalities, such as a tumor. The doctor will also listen to the heart for any signs of an irregular heartbeat. The lymph nodes in the neck will be touched to make sure they aren’t swollen. Any needed immunizations can be given during this visit, as well. This is also the time for parents and older children, especially, to bring up concerns about nutrition, sleeping habits, dieting, and emotional and social issues, such as depression or anxiety.

Camp Physicals

Some children, who are going to be at day or overnight camp, may be required to have a physical in order to participate in activities at camp.  Often, children participate in new physical activities or are in new environments which can spark unknown allergens or can trigger an unknown ailment, and having a doctor's okay to participate at camp may be in their best interest, and is not simply just a requirement.

Sports Physicals

This examination will help to determine if the child is physically capable of participation in the chosen sport, and if there are any areas of concern that may cause injury or illness during participation. The physical examination is not invasive and does not require students to perform any heavy activity. Sports physical requirements vary among state and school districts, so it is important to inquire about the requirements prior to your visit so that you may be eligible for play.

School Physicals

Some schools require a physical from your doctor to make sure the student is able and cleared by the doctor to participate in physical activities at school. This generally involves a regular health examination and medical history checklist. 

Other Considerations

Following a sports physical, students may be recommended for additional testing if their practitioner sees something abnormal during their examination. A request for additional testing may hinder the student from play until all of their test results have returned and the doctor clears them. This should be kept in mind when scheduling a sports physical, so that all tests will be complete prior to the start of the season. A request for additional testing may be needed for students who have had previous sports injuries or a chronic illness. Additional testing helps to further decide if the athletic activity will be beneficial to the student without putting their health at risk.

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A physical exam is intended to encourage good health, so it is our mission to fully examine children to aid in giving our kids a happy and healthy childhood. Please give us 5 – 7 business days for school and camp forms, and be advised that the doctor completes these forms only if your child has had a physical in the past year. Also, if you need a pediatrician to manage your child’s immunization schedule, give us a call, and make an appointment today. 

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