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Minor Trauma

Minor Trauma in Plano, TX

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About Minor Trauma

At Village Pediatrics, Dr. Hebbur and Dr. Okammor are not only great doctors, but they are also amazing moms.  They know how terrifying it can be to see your child burned, bleeding from cuts, or crying with a broken bone. As long as it is not an extreme trauma, like a car accident (when your child should be seen in an emergency room), we can handle treating your child's minor traumas like abscesses, cuts, burns, sutures, and broken bones. Our facility is equipped with an x-ray machine, and the necessary equipment for first aid. It is our goal to alleviate your child's pain and get him or her back to being a kid as soon as possible. If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment, please give our Plano, TX office a call.

Conditions and Symptoms


When your child has an abscess (large, swollen, pus-filled sore), it can be a painful experience for all involved. Abscesses can appear virtually anywhere on the body and are usually caused by a blockage in the oil or sweat glands or small breaks or punctures in the skin. When germs enter these areas, the body's response system will react, which can lead to the formation of the abscess. If drainage has come out of the abscess, but does not heal, or if your child develops a fever, it is time to call the doctor.


Depending on the age of the child, location of the burn, and severity of the damage to the skin, our pediatricians may want to see your child. Burns are not only painful but can lead to infection if not treated properly. If the burn is severe, it is best to go to the emergency room.

Cuts & Sutures

Depending on the severity of the cut, some can be treated at home with routine first aid, but others require medical attention, especially if bleeding cannot be stopped (even if it’s elevated and has pressure applied to it). Our pediatricians can assess the size and depth of the wound, as well as the severity of the injury. Then, the doctor will clean and possibly numb the area with medication. Usually, the wound will be closed using skin glue, stitches, or sutures. A tetanus booster shot will be given if a child has a puncture wound. Immediate aftercare may include penicillin or another antibiotic to prevent infection. It’s important to always wash your hands and work on a clean surface when changing dressings.

Broken Bones

As a parent, if you suspect your child has a broken bone, call the pediatrician’s office immediately or go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care, and have your child seen by a doctor immediately. Whether it is a sprain, fracture, or a broken bone, an X-ray will be needed to tell the exact damage done to the injured body part. The good news about children with broken bones is that they heal faster than adults. Once it is determined to be a broken bone, a molded plaster cast is needed to hold the bone in place for proper healing for a set amount of time.

Recommended Treatments

Usually minor trauma is treated in one session. However, there is the risk of infection, and possibly pain management and follow-up appointments could be necessary. In some cases, the pediatrician may refer to the child to a specialist to handle his or her case. Be sure to contact your pediatrician if your child's wound reopens, or the area becomes dark, bigger, or deeper. In serious cases, surgery may be required to remove the infected tissue. Do not hesitate to call if you believe that there's a more serious problem.

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Our medical practice encourages all parents and patients to take quick action when it comes to wound care. We want to help your children live healthy lives, which is why we provide the most appropriate treatment to reduce the risk of complications. Our medical team looks forward to meeting you. Please contact our office to schedule an upcoming appointment.

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