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What Can I Do to Ease My Child’s Separation Anxiety?

Village Pediatrics | 01/19/2023

Try these coping methods to help your child get adjusted to you leaving their sight and make daily routines run smoother.


Start the New Year off With a Well-Child Exam


Don't delay, schedule your child's annual physical today!


Common Signs of Potty Training Readiness

Village Pediatrics | 12/22/2022

Potty training goes much smoother if you start when your child is ready. Find out how to spot signs of potty training readiness and next steps!


Viral vs. Bacterial Infections: Know the Difference

Village Pediatrics | 12/08/2022

Understanding the proper treatment is key to overcoming viral and bacterial infections. Find out which methods are best for a speedy recovery!


How to Help Someone Having a Seizure

Village Pediatrics | 11/22/2022

It's important to know how to care for someone who's experiencing a seizure. Learn about types of seizures, how to render first aid, and more!


Understanding the Signs of Constipation in Children

Village Pediatrics | 11/10/2022

Constipation is one of the most common reasons children visit their pediatric provider. Here are the signs parents should look for early on!


How to Limit Screen Time for Children

Village Pediatrics | 10/28/2022

Do you struggle finding alternatives for screen time? Discover our tips for trimming down media use and learn how to create a healthy balance!


How to Spot Signs of Childhood ADHD


Find out how to pinpoint the symptoms of ADHD conditions in children and how we can help!


How to Prevent Back-to-School Illnesses

Village Pediatrics | 10/04/2022

A new school year can often mean new illnesses for your child. Here's what you can do to keep them healthier!


Healthy Practices for Back to School


Find out how our top three tips can help your child have a happy and healthy school year!


Tips to Prepare for a New Sports Season

Village Pediatrics | 08/08/2022

Training and staying physically active are great ways to prepare for a new season - but don’t forget about a yearly sports physical. Here's why!


How to Get Your Child Ready for Summer Camp

Village Pediatrics | 07/20/2022

Summer is great for exploring and learning new things but we still want your child to play it safe! Here's how to prepare your child for summer camp!


Keep Your Family Safer With These Car Seat Safety Tips

Village Pediatrics | 06/08/2022

Any time you're on the road, it's important to control as much as you can. Here are the guidelines you can follow to keep your child passengers safer!


How to Spot Anxiety in Children

Village Pediatrics | 05/12/2022

Everyone worries at some point, but if overwhelming feelings interrupt the quality it's time to seek help. Here's how to spot childhood anxiety!


Get to Know Kaitlyn Layman, FNP-C

Village Pediatrics | 05/04/2022

Kaitlyn Layman is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner at our Plano, TX location who works directly with Dr. Hebbur. Learn more about her here!


How to Help Kids Eat More Nutritious Foods

Village Pediatrics | 03/22/2022

Are you looking for more ways to help your child increase their fruit and vegetable intake? Try these tips!


How to Recognize Eating Disorders in Teens and Children

Village Pediatrics | 03/11/2022

Eating disorders are serious conditions that are becoming more common with children and teens. Learn more about recognizing the signs below.


COVID-19 Testing at Village Pediatrics

Village Pediatrics | 02/04/2022

Does your child need a COVID-19 test? Learn more about how they can get one at Village Pediatrics.


It’s Not Too Late to Get a Flu Shot

Village Pediatrics | 01/27/2022

Is it too late for a flu shot? Find out why the flu vaccine is still important and how you can best protect your child this season!


Get to Know Village Pediatrics at Frisco Medical Village!

Village Pediatrics | 01/18/2022

Find out everything you can expect in your child's pediatric care experience at Village Pediatrics in Frisco.


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