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Health and Fitness for the Whole Family

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Family Health and Fitness Day is quickly approaching. That’s right, there’s an official day dedicated to families getting healthy and fit together! Parks and recreation facilities benefit the community by providing a space to improve physical and mental health, relieve stress, and directly connect to nature. This Saturday, we encourage you to help improve your family’s health by heading out to a local Plano park or trail system located here.

Exercise and the outdoors pair really well together, here are five recreational activities your family can enjoy on your next visit!

Outdoor yoga – Yoga is widely known for helping those who practice relax and decrease stress, but did you know it also has an impact on your heart, physical strength, and joint flexibility? Additionally, when yoga is done outdoors, you gain the extra benefits of being connected to nature which can do wonders for mental health. Don’t worry if you don’t already have yoga mats laying around the house. Use what you have, a beach towel or blanket will work just fine!

Nature walk – You’d be surprised how a simple walk outdoors can benefit your physical and mental health.  Walking outdoors is shown to decrease stress and anxiety levels, enhance mood, improve brain function, and can help you sleep better – not to mention it’s one of the easiest ways to get in a daily dose of exercise. Walking can be even better at your local park where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery nature has to offer first-hand.

Balloon volleyball –  Grab a spot in an open grassy area and bring several backup balloons! This activity is a great way to even include your youngest kids in the family fun, so no one misses out. After all, everyone loves balloons right? Of course, if you have older children, you can always use a traditional volleyball if you prefer to make the game more of a challenge!

Jump rope – Jumping rope is so fun, that it’s incredibly easy to forget it’s actually a great form of cardiovascular exercise. This is an extremely great method to quickly burn calories, but it also has many other benefits including the ability to improve balance, coordination, heart health, and build bone strength. Jumping rope is additionally a good way for active children to burn off extra energy, even while at home!

Field day -  Who said field day can only be during the school year? If your family enjoys a little competition, try creating your own field day! You could even make it a day-long event full of age-appropriate obstacle courses, games, and prizes to create fun memories your kids won’t forget.

Do you need advice on how to create a healthier lifestyle for your child? Are you concerned they might not be getting enough physical activity to maintain their health? Summer break is a rewarding time for children after they worked so hard during the school year, but It’s also important for children to remain active to keep their health on track and help avoid health issues in the future. 

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