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Planning for Your New Baby's Arrival

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The beginning of a pregnancy may seem to go by slow, but before you know it the arrival of your new bundle of joy is just a few short weeks away! During this time, many expecting parents like to collect essential items, prepare the new baby room, make sure all bags are packed and finish off any other last to-do’s. During the third trimester, we also encourage all parents-to-be to seek out a pediatrician before your child is born as you will be visiting the pediatrician quite often in their first several weeks of life. You can do this through a pediatric prenatal consultation, which is a free service offered at Village Pediatrics and can currently be scheduled as a telehealth visit.

It’s never too early to start looking.

Exploring your available resources before your child’s birth is extremely beneficial as it helps you take the first step towards your child’s health journey and also reduces future stress by already knowing what your options are.

During a visit with a pediatrician at Village Pediatrics you can expect to:

  • Learn about the pediatrician’s background
  • Determine if our child health care goals match up with yours
  • Receive guidance on your concerns or needs
  • Ask questions about the pediatric care your child will receive
  • Find out if your insurance in accepted
  • Learn about same day visit appointments
  • Get familiar with the many services offered for baby into young adulthood
  • Find out what to be prepared for during your child’s stages of development
  • Learn what hospital(s) the pediatrician is associated with

We’re in this together.

Becoming a parent doesn’t have to seem so scary. Take this time to get to know your future pediatrician and build a relationship early with someone you can trust. Parenthood is a journey and is something we are honored to partner with you on.

Our pediatricians have spent decades caring for the youth in the community and are here to provide your child with the best care throughout each stage of their growth. Whether you need guidance on newborn feeding, sleeping concerns, or simply want to keep up with routine immunizations we will be there every step of the way. Learn more about our experienced team of providers in Plano, Texas and Frisco, Texas here. Reach out to your preferred location below:

  • Village Pediatrics in Plano: Text or call (214) 473-2200
  • Village Pediatrics in Frisco: Text (972) 525-7381

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