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What Happens at a Well-Child Exam

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Just like adults, children should have great access to healthcare too. So, it’s important to maintain their health by regularly visiting a pediatrician for a well-child exam each year. This routine will help to make sure their health is at its fullest potential so they can have a childhood full of happiness, just like every child deserves.

What is a well-child exam?

A well-child exam can also be referred to as a wellness check or annual physical. All result in the same common goal: observing a child once a year for thorough preventative testing to encourage great health. This in-depth exam tracks key factors in your child’s health through developmental screenings and disease detection. A well-child exam can also include preventative immunizations if needed depending on your child’s age. In addition to checking that your child’s health is progressing at an appropriate rate, our pediatric team will check their blood pressure, weight, height, and usually hearing and vision as well. Urine and blood samples will be collected from your child to run tests for various medical conditions such as vitamin deficiencies, any form of cancers, hormonal imbalances, diabetes and more. The pediatrician will use their stethoscope to observe your child’s heart, listening closely for irregular patterns or murmurs (abnormal sounds) of the heart.

Your child’s pediatrician will also make a point to palpate their stomach, by pressing down on your child’s tummy in order to further identify if any abnormalities are present with the organs and make sure they are not experiencing pain during this evaluation. Your child’s lymph nodes will also be checked for signs of swelling, which could indicate an infection or other illnesses.

Additionally, a well-child exam is the perfect time for the parent or child to talk to the pediatrician about any health concerns they need help with. These topics can range from anything related to healthier eating habits and nutrition guidance to mental health concerns such as stress and anxiety that many children can be faced with due to peers or other social pressures.

What else you should know about testing

Often times well-child exam results are not concerning, however, there are circumstances where further testing may be needed. If evaluations show abnormalities, the pediatrician may want to recommend the child be seen by an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose and throat specialist). For hormonal imbalances, they might also refer an internist. As girls get older, the pediatrician may recommend that they get a pap smear done by a gynecologist if urine testing displays unusual results. A child could also be referred to a nutritionist to receive the proper counseling and diet information if their body mass index goes beyond a healthy range. These are all things we are more than happy to assist your child with to put them on track toward a healthier, safer lifestyle.

Our goal is the same

Our pediatricians have spent decades working with children of all ages and backgrounds, not to mention they are also mothers themselves who know what it’s like to be in your shoes when it comes time to make big decisions for your child. A well-child exam also provides the opportunity to maximize one-on-one time with your child’s pediatrician, as they know your child’s health history best and can provide the most appropriate solution or resources just like they would for their own family members. An added luxury of trusting Village Pediatrics with the care of your child is If there’s a question that comes to mind later, you can always securely message their pediatrician through the patient portal at any time.

Village Pediatrics is here to help with more than just your child’s annual checkup. In every stage of a child’s life, we take pride in partnering with parents to help put them on the brightest path, as your child’s overall health is our top priority. Kids grow fast, and we want to be there for every step. Please click here or text our Plano office at (469) 382-3796 or our Frisco office at (972) 525-7381 to schedule your child’s annual exam today.

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