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What to Expect at Your Newborn’s First Appointment

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Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! As you get settled and adjusted to life with your new baby, we’re here to walk you through what you can expect at their first doctor visit!

When is my child’s first visit with a pediatrician?

After leaving the hospital, your baby’s first visit typically takes place when they are 3 -5 days old, or before they are 1 week old. Usually, this is 2-3 days after coming home.

What happens at their first appointment?

At your newborn’s first doctor visit, their pediatrician will do a careful examination to make sure they are healthy and developing as they should be. 

During this appointment, the pediatrician will check their weight, measurements, heartbeat, head, body, and reflexes.

Pediatricians also normally like to inquire about baby’s feeding, sleeping patterns, and digestive habits to get a clear understanding of how they’re developing. 

What should I do to get ready for the appointment? 

  • Arrive early, have your driver’s license and insurance card handy, and be prepared to complete new patient forms. 
  • Write down and bring a list of questions or concerns for your baby’s pediatrician to the visit. 
  • Bring any important paperwork from the hospital if necessary. 
  • Be open to discussing your family’s medical history as it relates to your newborn’s health. 
  • Bring something to take notes on. We want you to feel confident about your child’s health and have a thorough understanding of what to do next after their appointment.

Since your baby will see their pediatrician frequently in the first year, it’s ideal to find a pediatrician before your child is born. This will allow you enough time to research and find a medical provider who is the right fit for your needs. What type of availability do you want your child’s pediatrician to have? We pride ourselves on offering weekend hours and same-day appointments! Discover our top tips for finding the right pediatrician here

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What’s next?

We want to see your baby frequently for routine checkups in their first year of life to ensure their growth is on track and that they stay up to date with their vaccinations. Along with monitoring your child’s health, these well-visits also serve as an opportunity to build a relationship with their pediatrician and allow us to truly become a trusted partner in your child’s development.

Does your child need a pediatrician in Plano or Frisco, Tx? 

Finding the right pediatrician for your baby doesn’t have to be a challenge!

Contact your preferred location below to make an appointment: 

  • Village Pediatrics in Plano: Text (469) 382-3796 or call (214) 473-2200 
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