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Newborn Feeding in Plano, TX

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About Newborn Feeding

At Village Pediatrics, our team of skilled experts works with new moms to provide effective newborn feeding information. For moms who are formula feeding, we provide guidance for determining the best formula for your newborn, including if an alternative form of formula, such as soy, may be better for treating colic. While new moms can get this assistance through the hospital they delivered at, you can also ask for a referral during your child’s well-check visit at our Plano, TX facility.  Contact Village Pediatrics today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

Feeding Information

It is important to note that not every brand of formula is right for every child, which is why you should call our office and ask for assistance before switching formulas. We find that many times parents switch formulas several times before they reach out to us and ask for help. However, switching formulas, or even transitioning from breast milk to formula, requires further planning and guidance.

Another point to stress would be that it’s totally normal for babies to cry, and they may not always be hungry every time they cry. Overfeeding the baby can actually have detrimental consequences and will cause further harm. It’s also important to also keep a calm environment around the baby, as they can sense when their caregiver is anxious and will become even more irritable. 

We always encourage moms to contact our Plano, TX facility if they have any questions or concerns regarding feeding. 

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When it comes to feeding your newborn, every decision is important. To find out more information from our team of experts, we encourage you to contact our Plano, TX office to learn how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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