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Mental Health Disorders in Children

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It’s not always easy to determine if your child’s behavioral changes are simply just a phase, or if there is something serious occurring with their mental health that’s causing them distress. Mentally healthy children can reach necessary milestones throughout childhood and have a positive well-being that enables them to function well in daily environments. The longer mental health disorders are left unresolved, the harder they can be to treat.


Early diagnosis is beneficial for children dealing with mental disorders and can also make a difference for their parents and family members. Learn more about what to be aware of with children’s mental health disorders and suggested treatment.


What is children’s mental health?

Childhood mental health disorders represent extreme changes in how a child behaves, learns, or deals with emotions that cause difficulty in daily living. Mental disorders commonly diagnosed in children include anxiety, ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), and other behavioral and emotional disorders. Mental health disorders are not specific to any specific age group, region, or background and are not uncommon in adolescents and children.


Childhood anxiety is worries or fears about everyday situations and can even be learned from family members who are often fearful, anxious, or worried around a child. ADHD is a neurological condition commonly found in children and usually affects their impulse behavior, attention span, and hyperactivity. Although the exact cause of ADHD is not yet determined, factors of this disorder can be tied to genetics, the surrounding environment, or developmental issues.


What can I do?

Oftentimes the behavior and emotional disorders children experience can be temporary and will need the parent’s patience as this stage passes over time. In some scenarios, parents are recommended to seek out professional guidance from a counselor, as this can teach the child proper coping methods for stressors, how to strengthen self-esteem, improve communication skills, and strive toward behavior change.


Village Health Partners has two passionate, experienced counselors who are conveniently available by telehealth visit (video chat) and ready to provide solutions to improve mental health for individuals 18 and older. We urge parents who grow concerned about their child’s mental health to take the next step to get their child professional guidance and further evaluate the possible causes for shifts in their health. Learn more about each counselor here and schedule an appointment today!

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