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On-Site Lab Services

On-Site Lab Services in Plano, TX

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About On-Site Lab Services

At Village Pediatrics in Plano, TX, we work with Clinical Pathology Laboratories to offer all of our patients on-site laboratory services. Many parents find this extremely convenient, and very helpful in getting faster answers to their child's symptoms or illness.  Our caring and compassionate staff will do their best to make sue the blood draw, finger stick, throat swab, or skin test is done with gentleness. CPL is located right upstairs from our offices for patient convenience. We know that our work as your child's medical team will impact him or her for life, not only physically, but emotionally, too. We want your child to have a pleasant office visit, and doctor's appointments with needles can bring young ones anxiety. Our hope is that your child will feel right at home with us, and we can perform the testing as easily as possible. These tests can be your best bet for excellent preventative care. Call and schedule your visit today.

Testing Services


To measure the red and white blood cells and to make sure your child does not have a urinary tract infection, your pediatrician may request a urine sample at your child's visit or annual well-child exam. A urinalysis is also used to check for bacteria, glucose that could signal diabetes, pH balance, and proper hydration.

Strep Throat, Flu, Mono

Seasonal flu and strep throat are both common childhood illnesses with symptoms that make our kids miserable. At our office, we offer rapid tests (cotton swab culture of the back of the throat) to test for the flu and strep in order to pinpoint the illness for proper treatment.

If the tests come back from the flu and strep throat negative, your pediatrician may recommend having a blood test for mononucleosis (mono), which has similar symptoms. For optimal health, it is best to rule everything out for the best care for your child and ensure the proper treatment.


If there is even a slight chance that your child has been exposed to lead, we recommend having a lead level test done with a simple blood draw in our office. Toxic lead levels, even by accidental exposure, can cause damage to your child's brain, physical development, and lead to chronic health problems.

Blood Count

To check for infection, anemia, diabetes, leukemia, and other illness or disorders, our pediatricians may take a complete blood count (CBC) blood draw during your child's visit. We offer this service in-house to get faster results, and to provide your child with quicker treatment if needed.


During your youngsters' well-child exam, your pediatrician may recommend a cholesterol screening (usually starting between 9 – 11) to make sure your child's levels are healthy. Too high cholesterol levels could put your child at a higher risk for heart disease, including heart attacks.

Additional Testing

Depending on your child’s case, additional tests may be ordered during the routine physical annual exam. Of course, we will not recommend or perform unnecessary testing. If your child presents unexplained symptoms or has an abnormal blood test, we will do our best to find out what the anomaly means for your child.

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Calm, Convenient Care

The laboratory testing services offered between our office and CPL meet all federal and state standards and requirements for accreditation. At our medical practice, your child is treated with care and compassion. It is our goal to keep our patients healthy for life, and sometimes that involves some invasive medical testing for children like blood draws. Our caring team looks forward to meeting you and offering the best treatment possible. Please call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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