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Skin Conditions in Plano, TX

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About Skin Conditions

Nothing is more uncomfortable than an unexplained skin condition. When it happens to our children, it is no different. At Village Pediatrics, we will see how we can help your child with treatment of their skin ailment in urgent and non-urgent matters. Common skin conditions we treat include: acne, hives, warts, insect bites, poison ivy, various rashes, ringworm, sunburn, and more. We also want to make sure the condition does not spread to other family members or is not a symptom of something more serious or even life-threatening. If you are treating your child with over-the-counter medication and it is not working, or your child is running a fever, you should call us to schedule a doctor visit with one of our experienced, board-certified pediatricians as soon as possible.

Conditions and Symptoms


From newborns to teenagers, acne is the most commonly reported skin condition to pediatricians. Acne can be a signal of stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, and improper cleansing of the skin. Infected sebaceous glands are not contagious, but should be treated to enhance the appearance, minimize discomfort, and restore confidence.


If your child is having an allergic reaction to a certain food, medication, or a chemical in his or her environment, the child may have large red, itchy patches on their skin called hives. Known as urticarial, hives presents itself in children of all ages and can last from a few hours to a week or longer. If the condition is unexplainable, accompanied with other symptoms, or fever, it is best to call your trusted pediatrician.


Children often get warts (hard bumps present on the skin) on the fingers, hands, and feet. In order to get rid of warts (there is no cure, only treatment), you must follow all the instructions from your pediatrician, including the use of over-the-counter medication. Warts can often be contagious and require consistent treatment.

Insect Bites

Bee, tick, mosquito, fire ant, wasp, hornet, and spider bites can be very painful and scary for our young children. Most of these bites will have a localized reaction where the skin will swell with pain, become red, and feel hot. For more serious bites or reactions, it is important to call to make an appointment or visit the ER if it is life-threatening.

Poison Ivy

When your child plays outside and doesn’t know what poison ivy looks like, he or she can unfortunately find out the hard way with a skin reaction. If your child comes into contact with this pesky plant, bathe your child and apply calamine lotion to the area exposed. If your child has a severe response to the poison ivy and home remedies are not working or if he or she develops a fever, call your pediatrician.


Heat, allergies, medical conditions, skin irritants, new medications, and much more can all cause the skin to break out into a rash. There are a variety of rashes children can have – ranging from diaper rash to heat rash to eczema, and in addition, there are many forms a rash can take. If you are concerned about a rash that won’t go away, or if a fever accompanies the rash, give your doctor a call.


Contagious, itchy ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin, which is a common childhood ailment. It is a circular infection (not an actual worm) that appears in the skin and is treated with a topical anti-fungal ointment or cream.


Sometimes sunscreen doesn’t do its job, we miss a spot, or we did not reapply soon enough, and our kids can get sunburned while having a great time outside in the backyard or at the pool. It is important to know the proper first-aid treatments to alleviate the sun’s damaging rays to reduce blistering and infection. Call the doctor if you have concerns, and seek medical attention immediately if the child is lethargic or becomes very sick.

Recommended Treatments

Many skin conditions will require some type of medication, and can be purchased over-the-counter (such as calamine lotion, Benadryl, diaper rash cream, and more). When the at-home remedies have no effect, or if the condition worsens, we recommend calling the pediatrician or in life-threatening situations, go to the emergency room of your local hospital as soon as possible.

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SkinCare For All Ages

Skin conditions can be very uncomfortable, and sometimes difficult to treat (especially when they are contagious) at any age. Our team of highly-qualified medical professionals can examine your child’s skin if you are having trouble alleviating the ailment with at-home remedies. If you think your child’s skin condition needs urgent medical attention, please contact our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

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