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What you need to know about face masks for your family

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As social distancing orders are set to soon expire throughout the country, it’s still important to take the necessary precautions in order for you and your loved ones to stay protected. With business reopenings on the rise, today’s circumstances have placed us in a time where face masks are now one of those must have items when leaving the house right along with your phone, wallet and keys. 

Here’s what you need to know about face masks for your whole family.

Benefits of face masks

  • Helps to slow the spread of coronavirus
  • Shields your mouth and nose from picking up a virus nearby, so face masks are especially helpful when in contact with an asymptomatic individual (an infected person who doesn’t display symptoms)
  • Having more protection can also reduce anxiety when out in public

Who are face masks for?

  • Anyone who leaves their home 
  • Higher risk individuals and those with underlying health conditions
  • Please note per CDC guidelines, face masks or cloth face coverings are not to be used for children less than two years old

When are face masks necessary?

  • Face masks should be worn in any public settings, especially in those where you may at some point be closer than 6 feet to someone i.e. grocery stores 

The CDC recommends the general public try to reserve surgical and N-95 masks for healthcare workers' use and medical first responders. However, you can still easily make a face mask using materials you already have at home.


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