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Preparing for the New Year Ahead

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It’s safe to say 2020 is proof that we live in an ever-changing world, which we’ve learned in countless ways throughout the last nine months alone. Although not everything in life will always go as planned, it’s beneficial to teach your children how to create reasonable goals and prepare a plan to make them happen!

Here are three tips on how to celebrate a new beginning with your children.

Looking ahead – Goal setting can be done in any age group, it just needs to appropriate for the child’s age to ensure it’s attainable for them, and most of all fun (especially for younger children). To start, brainstorm together the goals they weren’t able to achieve this year and write out what they can do differently to change that for next year. Don’t forget to encourage them to take their lessons previously learned and apply those in the new year as well!

Stick to the plan – Once you have clear goals set for the new year, you’ll want to find a system to use throughout the year to help your child stay on task and follow through with their goals. This could be a reward system to help keep them motivated each time they complete something on their list, or it could be as simple as a frequent conversation you and your child have to discuss what progress has been made and identify any areas they may have difficulty in.

Make it fun – If you don’t have time to run out to grab New Year’s Eve décor, see what you may already have at home! No party hats on hand? No problem. Craft fun New Year’s Eve hats with your kids for the whole family, simply by using construction or computer paper, crayons, markers, and anything else you may have in your crafting kit. The accessories you make can also be used over for next year. The same can be done for party glasses and so much more!

Most importantly, building family traditions is more about bonding and creating special memories and less about adding pressure. Keep it fun and enjoy the holiday celebrating together as a family!

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