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What You Need to Know About Physicals

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A new school season is just beginning for many children, which can often come with a growing to-do list for the parents. Did you know your child can receive a basic, camp, sports or school physical all at one office? Having a physical done for your child annually is crucial for ensuring they are staying up to date with their healthcare needs, which puts them on the right track to a healthy childhood. Take advantage of the convenience offered at Village Pediatrics in Plano, Tx this back-to-school season and learn about the physicals offered to determine which is best for your child at this time.

Physical Services

Basic physical

This complete physical exam for your child records developmental milestones such as height and weight, checks for signs of disease or health conditions, and their overall wellness. Samples of your child’s urine and blood will be taken that test for hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, cancer, diabetes, and other medical conditions. Typically, a hearing and vision exam is done along with an evaluation of weight, height, and blood pressure. The pediatrician will also conduct a stomach exam by pressing down on their belly to ensure the organs are in good shape and pain-free. A stethoscope is used to listen to your child’s heart to confirm a regular heartbeat. Their neck will be examined to ensure the lymph nodes are not swollen. Immunizations are usually given in this appointment too if needed. Basic physical examinations are also a great opportunity for parents and children to ask away on any health topics that have been concerning.

School physical

Depending on your child’s age, their school may request a school physical to be done in order to ensure your child is in good health when returning to school or to join any physical activities hosted by the school. This physical typically consists of many of the same examinations as a basic physical, while also reviewing your child’s health records. Please note, forms for school and camp physicals may take approximately a week to be completed, and can only be done if your child has in fact had a physical in the last 12 months.

Camp physical

This type of physical is less common, as your child may only need it prior to attending seasonal camp activities such as in the summer. A camp physical screens for medical conditions to determine if your child is healthy enough to participate in general camping tasks. While at camp, some children will likely be exposed to conditions they haven’t faced before. These new surroundings could possibly trigger allergies or an illness. Therefore, it would be very beneficial to have a doctor sign off on your child attending, especially if they have pre-existing medical conditions that may put them at risk.

Sports physical

This evaluation is done to confirm if it is safe for an athlete to participate in the sport of their interest. The pediatrician will also determine if there are any signs of complications arising by them playing the sport. The actual sports physical examination does not consist of heavy lifting, however, these can differ depending based on the area you live in so testing may have various requirements that need to be met.

Keep in mind that with sports physicals, if abnormalities are discovered during your child’s exam, they may need further evaluations. This process can take more time, which means they may not be able to start in the season just yet. So it’s important to schedule these types of physicals as early as you can in order for your child to avoid such delays.

Have a healthy fresh start

The start of a new school year is the perfect time to get health assessments for your child, while also having peace of mind that health goals and developmental milestones are being met. Please click here or text (469) 382-3796 to book your child’s physical below with Village Pediatrics to make sure they are on the right track to having a happy, healthy school year!

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