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It’s Not Too Late to Get a Flu Shot

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Although flu season has already begun, it's not too late for your child to receive their flu shot! The peak of flu season typically spans from December to February, with influenza activity decreasing between April and May. Between interacting with others at school, home, and during recreational activities - there are multiple opportunities for your child to potentially be exposed to the flu virus.

Here’s why you should ensure your child still gets their flu vaccine this season.

Why an annual flu shot matters.

The effects of the flu virus are more severe than a simple common cold. Aside from children missing school, parents being absent from work, miserable symptoms, and the risk of spreading the virus to loved ones, the flu can also cause dangerous complications leading to hospitalization or even death. Children who are at a higher risk of flu-related complications are those under 5 years old, especially those younger than 2.

With this in mind, right now is the perfect time to get your child the extra protection their bodies need to be prepared to fight off the flu.

Still on the fence about the flu shot? Here are some other reassuring facts you should know about the vaccine.

Age recommendations - The CDC recommends everyone 6 months of age or older receive their flu shot annually.

Success rate – Although the effectiveness of a flu vaccine can change seasonally and vary from person to person, research shows that receiving a flu vaccination decreases the risk of getting sick with the virus by 40-60% amongst the overall population. Some children who get vaccinated may still get sick but studies show that their symptoms are typically less severe than children who were not vaccinated.

Protection – Most flu vaccines are quadrivalent, which means the vaccine is created to protect the body against four different strands of flu viruses.

Timing – The CDC states that it is safe to receive a flu vaccine and a COVID-19 vaccine at the same time.

During this time of uncertainty with COVID-19 and frequent updates, it’s especially important for your child to gain as much protection as possible.

Do you need to schedule your child’s flu shot?

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