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How to Limit Screen Time for Children

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Although screen time can provide many benefits for educational needs and communication with loved ones, too much media use by children can lead to irregular sleeping patterns, obesity, problems with behavior, and decreased academic performance.

Try these tips to cut down on screen time in your child’s daily routine! 

Get some fresh air. 

Making a routine of regular physical activity is essential to the overall health of children and adults. Physical activity can help children manage their weight, build muscles and bones, and enhance brain health. Not to mention, routine physical activity helps your child to establish positive habits that can follow them into adulthood.

Occupy screen-free spaces.

To help your child avoid distractions, try to remove screens and hand-held devices from your child’s view, or go to a room where access to screen time is limited.

Encourage screen-free time blocks.

Make it a priority to schedule screen-free periods throughout the day for your child. During this time it will be essential to ensure your kids have alternative activities to focus on to keep them busy. Click here for a list of 50 fun screen-free activities including reading, drawing, meal time, games, and more!

Model good habits.

Being a role model for screen time habits is paramount. Parents should monitor their own use of screen time as children are likely to engage in similar activity. Continue to discover new screen-free activities together that the whole family can enjoy.  

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend screen time for children under two years old. Free play is an alternative recommendation, as it is highly beneficial for infants to be presented a chance to solve problems in their environment and think and play creatively. The recommended amount of screen time for children 2-12 years old is one hour per day and two hours per day for teenagers and adults. 

If you need assistance establishing healthy screen time boundaries for your child, please reach out to a Village Pediatrics location of your choosing below. 

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