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How to help your child through painful eye conditions

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A contagious eye condition is highly uncomfortable for children, and something many teachers and parents fear as it’s known to spread like wildfire. If your child contracts an eyelid stye or pink eye, our experienced pediatricians at Village Pediatrics in Plano, TX are here with the right cure to get them back to health. Learn more about these eye conditions and what to do when your child encounters either eye infection.

Common eye conditions and symptoms

Eyelid styes

A stye can often be found either outside or directly inside the surface of the top or bottom eyelid. This red, tender bump can truly appear out of thin air, are usually filled with pus and can result a great deal of pain for your child. Given that a stye is classified as a bacterial infection, it is considered to be a very contagious condition that can easily be spread from person to person. An eyelid stye may clear up all on its own, but if several days go by and the condition persists, or a headache or fever appears, please reach out to your pediatrician for the appropriate treatment plan.

Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

The main reason children get pink eye, also know as conjunctivitis, is usually due to this eye condition being extremely contagious and it’s very easy to cross paths with other kids carrying the infection. Pink eye occurs when the covering on the whites of the eyes become inflamed or irritated, widely due to a virus or bacteria. Several symptoms that your child may experience if they contract pink eye are when the whites of the eyes turn a reddish color, there is a significant amount of swelling and puffiness of the eye, light sensitivity, itchiness and tears. There may even be discharge (often yellow in color) from the eye, and it’s not uncommon to awaken to an eye swollen and glued shut from the discharge that has dried. Additionally, there is also a form of pink eye caused by allergies, which is not contagious. In this case it’s important to stop the source of the allergen, but to be sure whether your child contracted pink eye through bacteria, a virus or allergies contact your Pediatrician.

Pink eye will normally clear up naturally, however effective treatment can expedite the recovery process and relieve your child from the discomfort much sooner. Your child’s daycare or school may also require that they be seen by a pediatrician before returning, so Village Pediatrics can help you get things back on the right track.

Suggested treatment

For eye swelling, your pediatricians at Village Pediatrics recommend to pat a damp warm wash cloth on the effected area of the eye to help decrease pain and sensitivity. Frequent hand washing is also recommended for the household to limit the spread of germs when touching the face. A children’s pain reliever may also be used to help make them more comfortable. Should either condition last more than 7 days, contact your pediatrician for an appointment to receive a thorough diagnosis and prescription.

We’re Here For You

As if the inconveniences couldn’t get any worse, your child’s school may also send them home for having either eye condition as both are very contagious infections that can be passed to their classmates extremely fast. Your child needs to stay at home during treatment until the condition is no longer present.

If your child’s eye condition needs to be assessed by a pediatrician, schedule an appointment by clicking here or texting (469) 382-3796.



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