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How to Help Kids Eat More Nutritious Foods

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Most parents would agree that when kids eat their fruits and vegetables it’s a win-win for everyone at the table! Encouraging your child to eat the right foods helps them receive the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and energy their growing bodies need. Creating healthy habits early in childhood can also help prevent chronic health conditions as an adult.

Try these tips to increase your child’s fruit and vegetable intake!

1. Lead by example in the kitchen. Often children look to adults to determine how they should react to something so if you don’t like eating vegetables, chances are your child will feel the same way. Try to remember that there are little ones watching as you make food choices for yourself.

2. Does your child not like the texture of the foods you want them to eat? Try it in a different form such as a colorful smoothie! Sometimes changing the way kids consume their fruits and veggies helps them get their vitamins and nutrients much easier! Instead of eating a piece of fresh or whole fruit, Family Therapist and Registered Dietician Ellyn Satter also suggests that parents can minimize the texture of fruits by working them into a dessert or sauce.

3. Go on a fruit and vegetable farm field trip! Take the opportunity to make this a fun, learning adventure for your child so they understand why healthy foods are so beneficial to help their little bodies grow big and strong! Showing your kids how and where their food grows can be a fun experience and allow them to enjoy it more.

4. Remember not to pressure your child. Regularly eating together as a family has many benefits, including strengthening your family’s relationship and teaching your child more about food. As they continue to watch you enjoy fruits and vegetables, they can become more open to trying new foods on their own. They may not eat everything you want them to right now, but meals together can help them learn to enjoy healthy foods gradually over time.

My Plate by the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests the following servings of fruit and vegetables per day for your child’s age:

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Need fresh ideas for healthy kid-friendly recipes? Discover some of our favorite meals for kids of all ages here!

For more tips on childhood nutrition and eating habits please click here to find dietician recommended solutions for your child!

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