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How to Beat the Winter Blues: Kids Edition

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Fighting the winter blues can be just as challenging for kids as it is for adults. Less daylight can also mean less time doing the things we enjoy when there’s plenty of sunshine.

Try these suggestions if you notice your child could use an extra boost during these cold and sometime gloomy winter months.

Journal for mental health – Finding a healthy outlet to express emotions can make a huge impact on the mind and body, one healthy way to achieve this is through journaling. Encouraging your child to clear their mind or express their thoughts through writing can be extremely beneficial for improving both their emotional and mental health.

Get more vitamin D – Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is great for more than just building strong bones! This vitamin is a good natural remedy to help boost your mood as well. During the colder months it’s not as easy to get the sunlight we need, but you can help your child by seeking foods rich in Vitamin D or taking a supplement, going on outdoor walks in good weather and letting in natural light during the day!

Is your child getting enough sleep? - Having a consistent sleep routine on weekdays and the weekend is one of the best ways to make sure your child is getting enough rest all week long. The goal is to have not much and not too little. The recommended amount of sleep can vary per age, but both sleep deprivation and oversleeping can affect physical and mental health.

Laughter is the best medicine - As parents keeping up with the many events in our lives and our kid’s lives, it’s so easy to forget to live in the moment and sometimes just get in a good belly laugh, which can also relieve stress. The same can be true for children. Put on their favorite funny movie or show and laugh away!

Quality time - No one knows your child better than you, spend some time doing one of their favorite activities that bring them joy! Some ideas for children can be spending more as a family, reading a good book or doing a favorite activity.

If there are struggles that affect your child more seriously, please seek professional guidance from a Village Pediatrics pediatrician in Plano, Texas. Our pediatricians can assist your child with additional resources, including connecting you with a trusted Village Health Partners counselor for those 18 and older.


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